Eвропейската алтернатива на Турция е неизбежна и
един ден тя ще бъде неотделима част от Европа като политическо, икономическо и културно пространство !

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понеделник, 21 септември 2009 г.

От 18.09.2009 - 22.09.2009 г. включително е ВАКАНЦИЯТА за Рамазан или Шекер Байрам !

Лакомства за Рамазан байрам.
Снимка: akpinar.wordpress.com

От 18.09.2009 - 22.09.2009 г. включително е ВАКАНЦИЯТА за Рамазан или Шекер Байрам !

Започва големият мюсюлмански празник Рамазан байрам !

Нахиде Дениз - Истанбул

В Турция започва ваканцията от 18 септември 2009 г. за големия мюсюлмански празник Рамазан или Шекер Байрам, която ще продължи до 22 септември 2009 г. включително.

Държавните учреждения, борсата и банките, производственият сектор няма да работят. Но като цяло търговската мрежа ще работи, повечето молове и магазини ще бъдат отворени.В събота свършва месецът на големите пости Оруча и започва Рамазан Байрам, наричан още Шекер Байрам.

Проучванията на общественото мнение показват, че за повечето турци (около 64 процента) Рамазан байрам има значението на общуване между роднини и близки, което се изразява в размяна на гостувания.

Около 22 процента предпочитат на байрама да си седят в къщи, а според болшинството млади хора прзаникът е възможност за ваканция.

Турците харчат средно по около 23 лири за покупки за Байрама, главно за сладки вкусотии, поради което се нарича и Шекер Байрам. БНР

Портал Турция


Seker Bayram (Sugar Holiday) in Turkey !

A candy store on seker bayram in Turkey

Seker Bayram, after the fast of Ramazan, is a time for visiting family and eating sweets.

Seker Bayram, or the “sugar festival,” is celebrated by Muslims at the end of Ramazan, the fasting month for Muslims. It lasts three and a half days. It is a national religious holiday in Turkey. Schools and government offices are closed during those days. It is traditional to wear new outfits during Bayram (meaning festival), so parents get new clothes for their children. Many children are excited about wearing their new clothes on the first day of the festival. The house is completely cleaned a few days before the festival.

The First Day: The first day of Seker Bayram is the most important. Everybody wakes up early and the men go to the mosque for the special Bayram prayer. After returning from the mosque, all of the family members dress up nicely, mostly with new clothes, and another important tradition is practiced: the Bayram visits.

Ramazan Visits: Young people visit their elders first. The other relatives, neighbors and friends are also visited. Due to those visits, the traffic is quite busy on the first day of the festival. Bayram visits are kept very short—ten to fifteen minutes. Mostly candies, chocolates, Turkish coffee and cold beverages are offered to visitors. People who cannot visit their friends and family members in other towns make telephone calls or send cards celebrating the festival. Children normally love Bayram visits and would like to visit as many elders as they can because it’s traditional for elders to give pocket money to the children. Children can easily collect pocket money for one month. The best part for the children is that there is no restriction on how much they can spend and how they spend it. Therefore, amusement parks are set up in almost every town during the festival.

Ramazan Tipping: Kapicis (doormen or superintendents of apartment buildings), trash collectors, and Ramazan drummers often knock on doors during the Seker Bayram festival expecting gifts or tips.

Cemetery Visits: Another tradition practiced during the festival is visiting the graves of deceased family members. The visits to graveyards start one day prior to the festival and continue during the festival.

Gifts and Congratulations: If you visit your Turkish friends, a box of candy or chocolate would be the most appropriate gift to take. The phrase for wishing your Turkish friends’ a happy holiday is “Iyi Bayramlar” (ee-yee-by-rahm-lahr), which means literally “good festivals” or “I wish you a happy festival.”

Ramazan Names: Another tradition in Turkey is to give boys born during Bayram the name “Bayram,” just like giving the name “Ramazan” to boys born during Ramazan.

Another name for the festival is “Ramazan Bayrami.” In Arabic, the holiday is called “Id-ul Fitr.” The name “Seker Bayram” or “sugar festival” probably comes from the tradition of exchanging sweets during the holiday.

Typically shops are closed on the first day of the festival, but they open up again on the second day. When you visit Turkish friends or encounter children during Seker Bayram, you’ll often see them kiss your hand and place it on their forehead as they bow to you. It’s a Turkish tradition for children to show respect for elders in that way. They put the back of your hand against their forehead to show you that you have a position “at the top of their head.” The correct response is to kiss the child on both cheeks as a sign of love and sympathy for them. You’ll then often see the children put out their hands afterward, expecting a bit of pocket change! It’s traditional to give the child a coin or some coins when they do that. The sincerity of the act they just performed is another question entirely!


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